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SEO Site Check: Is Your Web Site On Track?
Traffic Report: Traffic Summary, Search Engine Summary, Search Engine Breakdown
Position Report: Top 25 Search Phrases, Top 10 Search Engine Entry Pages
PageRank Update: Google PageRank
Link Network Update: What size is your network now?
Email Check: Are you receiving our emails?
History: History of previous reports

Section 1: SEO Site Check

1.1 Is Your Web Site On Track? back to top

Your website is ranking well in the search engines, to further increase your rankings please make the following suggested changes to your website.

1. Please change the Page Title of your home page to "Best Car Deals Online -"

2. Could you please add approximately another 100 words of text to your home page mentioning the keywords "Car Deals" 3 times each and "Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth" once more.

Section 2: Traffic Report

2.1 Traffic Summary back to top

Search Referrals
The number of times a user performs a search using search engines, found your site in the results then clicked through.

Unique Visitors
These are the actual individuals who have visited your site. An individual may be responsible for more than 1 search engine referral.

Page Views
The number of web pages requested by visitors to your site. Each visitor is responsible for at least 1 page view.

Please Note: The following chart shows traffic history up to February 21.

2.2 Search Engine Summary back to top

A summary of which search engine each visitor originated.

Please Note: The following chart shows search engine referral history up to February 21.

2.3 Search Engine Breakdown back to top

What search engines are people coming from.

Section 3: Position Report

3.1 Top  25 Search Phrases back to top

Search Phrase: The entire search string entered by a visitor. One or more keywords can be included.

Visits: This represents the number of times a person has entered the search phrase on a search engine and clicked through to your web site.

Overall: How many visits originated from a particular keyword

Bounce Rate: The percentage of web site visitors who arrived at your web site through a particular keyword, then left without going any deeper into the site. Please note: If your bounce rates are unusually high, please check your tracking code is installed on ALL pages.

Search Positions: This is a report of where your top phrases appear in the top 50 positions of your chosen search engines. 'N/A' means your site does not appear in the top 50 positions. The search engines used for this report are (Google), (Yahoo) and (MSN). Please notify support if you would like to use different search engines. Your new list of search engines will be then used for your next report.

  Keywords Traffic Behaviour Search Position*
  Search Phrase Visits Overall Bounce Rate Avg. Pageviews Google MSN Yahoo7 AU
noodle cars 3530 17% 99.1% 1 N/A N/A N/A
car deals online 440 2.1% 90.7% 1.2 5
car sales australia 384 1.8% 89.1% 1.2 N/A N/A
selling your car 247 1.2% 90.7% 1.2 N/A N/A
car dealer 242 1.2% 92.6% 1.1 7 8
sell your car online 176 0.8% 87.5% 1.2 14 N/A
car sales brisbane 165 0.8% 83% 1.2 N/A 20
car sales melbourne 119 0.6% 57.1% 1.5 12
new car sales 105 0.5% 58.1% 1.8
car sales sydney 101 0.5% 68.3% 1.4 4 N/A
private car sale 99 0.5% 77.8% 1.5 11 N/A 4
best car deals 99 0.5% 92.9% 1.1 32 20
dealer of cars 98 0.5% 91.8% 1.1 10 17
buy cars online 96 0.5% 47.9% 1.8 15
car sale dealership 87 0.4% 89.7% 1.1 13 N/A
new car deals 80 0.4% 87.5% 1.3 N/A N/A
car sales australia brisbane 78 0.4% 96.2% 1 11 17 8
used car dealers 77 0.4% 96.1% 1.1 14 10
car sales in australia 75 0.4% 96% 1 48 10
car sales australia melbourne 67 0.3% 83.6% 1.2 17 N/A
cheap car sales 64 0.3% 95.3% 1 11 8
car dealers + brisbane 64 0.3% 92.2% 1.2 4 8
used car sales brisbane 62 0.3% 90.3% 1.3 N/A N/A
second hand car dealers 62 0.3% 85.5% 1.2 N/A
car sales websites 58 0.3% 91.4% 1.1 9 8

* Search Positions generated on 21/2/2008.

3.2 Top  10 Search Engine Entry Pages back to top

These are your top entry pages. An entry page is where the visitor lands after they’ve clicked through from a search engine results page.

# Entry Page Visits Top Search Phrase
1 /cars/ 4901 car deals online (432)
2 /cars/honda/list.asp 3188 car dealers list + sydney (2271)
3 /contact-us.htm 2052 Keywords +75 characters (871)
4 /trade-in-value.htm 1403 Keywords +75 characters (148)
5 Home Page 881 new car sales (88)
6 /specialtytravel.htm 818 cheap car sales (17)
7 /cars/mazda/list.htm 770 Keywords +75 characters (466)
8 /cars/holden/list.htm 737 Keywords +75 characters (722)
9 /cars/reviews/falcon.htm 692 car sales + brisbane (565)
10 /car-hire.htm 675 dealer of cars (97)

IMPORTANT TIP: "Further Increasing Traffic to Your Site"
By analysing the above search results, you can further increase your web site traffic. Here's how:

Step 1:
In section 3.1. locate a search phrase that is a) generating good traffic and b) you do not have a top 10 ranking for on Google.

Step 2:
Add specific content to your web site that relates to those keywords. For example, you may find that you had lots of hits for the search phrase 'koala pictures'. Visitors could be arriving at your home page but there are no other pages directly relating to 'koala pictures' on your site. By creating 3-5 pages more closely relating to 'koala pictures', you should see an increase in search engine referrals. These pages should be linked to from your main link navigation.

Step 3:
Refer to section 3.2. See which pages visitors enter your site after they have clicked through from a search engine. It's simple to see which phrases they've searched for on each page. You may find that the entry page is poorly optimised for that particular phrase. If your page is poorly optimised, our support team can compile an Assessment Report for you, outlining the changes that need to be made. Once implemented, you should see a relatively quick increase in search traffic referrals.

Section 4: PageRank Update

4.1 Google PageRank back to top

The current Google PageRank for your Home and Resource pages.

Page Page Rank 3 2 3

Section 5: Link Network Update

5.1 What size is your network now? back to top

So far  84 links have been established for the SEO campaign. Our links team are working hard each month to increase this figure, however it is difficult in todays environment. While the majority of SEO companies now avoid link building, we continue, as we believe links still play an important role in your overall success. The measure of your success however, is not the number of links you have, it is the traffic gained. This is why sections 2 and 3 are the best statistics to use when analysing your overall growth on search engines.

Section 6: Email Check

6.1 Are you receiving our emails? back to top

Email SPAM filters are not perfect and will sometimes filter emails you need to read. Let us know if you have not received all emails in the following list. Be sure to quote the numbers that are missing.

# Email Subject Sent
1 Re: RE: RE: SEO Report for 13 Feb 2008
2 Re: RE: SEO Report for 12 Feb 2008
3 SEO Report for 6 Feb 2008
4 Re: RE: Questions Regarding 23 Jan 2008
5 Re: RE: SEO Report for 22 Jan 2008
6 SEO Report for 21 Jan 2008

Section 7: History

7.1 History of changes back to top

Changes requested during previous reports.

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